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Business Plans

To start up your business in this competitive market, a good, structured, and detailed business plan is needed.

According to (Gleeson, 2010), the following 5 reasons show the importance of a business plan:

  1. To map the future: Secure funding at the start-up phase; help manage the business more effectively. A formal document helps everyone to understand the business better.
  2. To support growth and secure funding: Most businesses need further investment at some point. Lenders require Income/Profit and Loss Statements to indicate past records and a current business plan to indicate the businesses future.
  3. To develop and communicate a course of action: A plan helps a company assess options and choose a course of action. The plan can assign milestones and help managers to monitor progress. The plan can be disseminated quickly, promoting discussion and securing commitment.
  4. To help manage cash flow: Management of cash flow is fundamental for all businesses. Many businesses fail, not because they are unprofitable, but because they ultimately become insolvent (i.e., unable to pay their debts as they fall due).
  5. To support a strategic exit: Common exit strategies include: Initial Public Offering of stock (IPOs) acquisition by competitors; mergers; management buyouts. Any one of the following would require planning in order to support the businesses transition.

Expertise and Guidance

We provide valuable insights into target markets, customer demographics, competitive landscape, and industry trends. This ensures a clear understanding of your business environment and helps shape effective corporate strategies.

Drafting Business Proposals

We provide a well drafted and practical business plan, which will secure a higher chance in obtaining funding from investors and VCs and help encourage potential business growth.

Market Research and Analysis

Through our wealth of experience, identify and analyse areas which are essential to the success of your business plan.

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