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Life Sciences

Biotechnology, life systems, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices and many other technologies are all examples of fields within life sciences . Whilst these areas themselves offer extremely profitable investment opportunities, parallel projects can broaden the horizons for eager investors. One example is  ‘flex ‘ lab space which is the term used to describe a building set up with traditional office space and laboratory zones. By purchasing and renting out such spaces, investors can expect to facilitate flourishing life science investment by tenants such as biotech or life sciences companies.


Investment Benefits of the Life Sciences Industry:

  • Resilient to Economic Downturns: Despite a relatively small decline in the sector compared to other industries during COVID – 19, the life sciences sector achieved pre Coronavirus highs over several days between April and June.
  • Exponential Demand: The need for medicines, pharmaceuticals and life sciences innovation will continue to grow as the global population lives longer and corporations and high net worth individuals turn to research in longevity in the search for quasi-immortality.  By 2030, the US is expected to have 73 million senior citizens who are set to account for 21% of the total population
  • Top Tier Performance: Employment and venture capital funding within the life sciences sector have grown considerably in the last decade with life sciences jobs growing by an average of 7.5 percent per year in the US and total investment seeing huge advances.

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