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Business Development

Save time and money on business development and management. We provide targeted, bespoke support to help you make the most of our experience and grow your business.

In new ventures there are often short term hurdles to overcome in order to fully realise the benefits of the investment for which you may need external support of you don’t have time or capacity in-house.

Through our management support and consultancy, we provide clients seamless access to services and resources to manage their investment or business whilst reducing the burden on our clients. Because we are a private company working for the success of UK enterprise, our additional services are designed to be cost-effective and we invest all our know how for the benefit of your business and the UK business community.

How our consultancy service helps you

Because this is a tailored service, our main goal is to understand your specific needs as an organisation – and help you meet them as best we can. We will listen to your needs before preparing a formal proposal of work. In general, our project support can help you to:

Reduce pressure on in-house teams

Deploying and maintaining business strategies can be complex, especially if you have limited time or capacity. Our targeted consultancy service can help you relieve the pressure on management teams in the short term, by providing you a dedicated, expert resource. And when you engage a management consultant, you can also spend less time on tasks such as managing strategy and performance over the longer term – among wider benefits for your business.

Enhance your in-house capacity

Through workshops or one-to-one advice, our technical experts can help you gain a better practical understanding of the strategies underpinning our consultancy services – including HR and legislative compliance – to help you solve longer-term issues you may face.

Get peace of mind about your investment

As a management team, you want peace of mind that your investment and commercial goals are implemented correctly and properly maintained. Our consultancy service is provided by experts and can give you the confidence you need.

A trusted, cost-effective service

Our trusted management consultancy is available as an additional service, over and above your GCH membership.

To find out more about our Business Development ​services or to join the GCH, please contact us by

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