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Turkish Healthcare Tourism – Invest in Your Most Valuable Asset

Turkish Healthcare Tourism

The healthcare system in Turkey boasts an impressive level of global demand with affordable prices, low waiting periods, rapidly developing healthcare technology, thermal springs and natural beauty. For multilingual individuals, the Ministry of Health also offers 24/7 interpreting services in Arabic, English, German, and Russian languages. 

Turkey is located in an exceptionally convenient location for international visitors with minimal travel times to many major capitals. The country is nestled amongst European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African influences therefore able to take advantage of and adapt quickly to new developments in the healthcare sector within these regions. The three facets of healthcare tourism demand within Turkey are medical tourism, thermal tourism and elderly and disabled tourism with the public sector generating an average of $9000 per health tourist. Turkey’s thermal springs were discovered by the ancient romans who were quick to learn about the therapeutic powers of thermal springs and mineral rich waters. 

In recent years, the country’s global healthcare prominence has gone from strength to strength, built upon the foundations of the private-public-partnership model, employed by the Turkish government to upgrade the country’s healthcare infrastructure and facilitate the launch of state of the art ‘city hospitals’. Foreign patients can also expect special services from private hospitals who continue to invest heavily in their Turkish facilities. Quality technical and medical standards can be expected to rise even further as Turkey moves closer to becoming a member of the European Union. 

Alongside standard healthcare practices, Turkey is making considerable advancements in alternative and complementary medicinal disciplines. Used in synergy with conventional medicine, alternative methods can include the use of a variety of herbs, probiotics, minerals and vitamins as well as therapeutic techniques said to offer additional comfort to patients and at times assist recovery. Rich history, culture and cuisines have brought Turkey into a new era of alternative medicine with traditional and complementary medicinal centres opened at 32 universities and training research hospitals across the country. The head of Turkey’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices Department of the Ministry of Health’s Directorate General for Health Services Zafer Kalayci stated that the “aim is to turn Turkey into a fountain of cuisine for the education and application process of traditional and complementary medicine”. 

Two brand-new, state of the art hospitals were recently built in an impressive 45 days in Istanbul, demonstrating the Turkish government’s quick response capabilities when faced with rising cases amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Accommodating 1000 patients each, the new hospitals were built on the former site of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport, a region now home to countless medical companies offering a spectrum of cosmetic and clinical services ranging from hair transplants to prosthetics. Istanbul is widely considered to be the preferred destination for international patients, especially in organ transplantation, cyberknife, orthopaedics, oncology, cardiovascular surgery and plastic surgery. 

After collaborating with Russia to expedite clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine, Turkey has become the third country to develop Covid 19 vaccines. The country is now in talks with Germany, Russia and China regarding phase 3 trials but it remains to be seen when a fully-functional vaccine will be available for mass distribution. 

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