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Start-up visa

Since 29 March 2019, the new Tier 1 Start Up Visa will replace the old Tier 1 Graduate entrepreneur visa. This visa is only for applicants that will start their first business in the UK. The advantage of gaining this visa is that no investment fund is required. However, the applicant must be endorsed by an authorised body to gain the Tier 1 Start Up Visa.

Below listed are the criteria in order to obtain the Tier 1 Start Up Visa:

The visa will last 2 years and cannot be extended. However, you can switch to a Tier 1 Innovator visa after one year to continue working on your business. You will have to obtain an endorsement letter, which will consider three criteria:

Only chosen companies authorised by the Home Office can generate the endorsement letter to the applicant. The letter must be dated within three months of the date of the immigration application.

You can apply for this visa 3 months before you travel and should have a decision within 3 weeks. For applications submitted in the UK can take 8-12 weeks. It is possible to request a Priority Service, which should take 10-15 days depending on the complexity, your personal circumstances and how busy the service is.

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