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An economic powerhouse of Europe and a country with pro-immigration and pro-foreign investment policies, Germany offers an exciting range of Citizenship and Visa options. Germany has the largest and strongest economy in the EU and one of the largest economies in the world, offering its citizens a commercial environment which is pro-immigration and pro-business alongside a passport which is the most powerful travel document in Europe. The German passport offers visa free or visa on arrival access to 188 countries around the world, opening the doors to international travel and business. It is possible to obtain citizenship by investment in Germany however there is no recognised ‘golden visa’ or citizenship investment programme (CIP) and a similar approach is taken to that of the UK, France and Belgium.

The Residence Permit

Business individuals can apply for a three-year national residence permit with a right to apply for permanent residence and eventually citizenship in the future. This permit includes the right to bring a spouse and children below 18 years of age. In order for the residence permit to be granted: 

  • there must be an economic interest or a regional need involved in the individual gaining residence in Germany; and
  • the activity must be expected to have a positive impact on the economy; and
  • the foreigner must have personal capacity or an approved loan to realise the business idea.

The total investment required is 350,000 euros composed of a minimum real estate purchase in a government approved property of 250,000 euros and an additional investment of 100,000 to be held for 5 years. The foreign investor and his family members can apply for their permanent resident status or so-called settlements permits in 21 months if they demonstrate that their German language level is at a B1 intermediate level or in 33 months if they prove that their German language skills are, at least equal to A1 basic level.


After legally residing in Germany for 8 years, applicants may apply for German citizenship and obtain the prestigious German passport. 

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