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دنیا کی سب سے بڑی رئیل اسٹیٹ منڈیوں میں سے ایک کے طور پر ، خاص طور پر برطانیہ اور لندن جائیداد میں بیرون ملک سرمایہ کاری کے لئے سب سے پسندیدہ مارکیٹ بن چکے ہیں۔

Contact our team if you are looking to invest in the UK property market.

Turkish Real Estate

To compliment our Turkish CBI programme services, we also offer Turkish property investment services though our network.


The GCH assist property investors with a full real estate service, from investment, acquisition, disposal, property management, and development. Through our network of connections throughout the UK, the GCH is ideally placed to source real estate investment throughout the country and the hotspots of Birmingham, Manchester and London.

رہائشی پراپرٹی

GCH can help you purchase or invest in residential property

کمرشل پراپرٹی

GCH can help you find and secure commercial property for you and your business

کیئر ہومز

GCH can support you in investing in care homes in the United Kingdom



کیئر ہومز

To find out more about our residential property services or to join the GCH, please contact us: