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St Kitts & Nevis cbi programme

Follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus who first set foot on the islands in 1493. St Kitts & Nevis is composed of two islands, transformed over the last century from what was once a sugar farming area into an ideal citizenship destination. The islands offer sunny and sandy beaches, good health care, low crime rates and brilliant national infrastructure. It is also notable that St Kitts has one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean. 

With a population of 54,000, St Kitts is the smallest CBI country in the world by population however the islands have direct airport connections to many international destinations such as Miami, London and New York. Following independence from the British in 1983, the citizenship by investment programme opened in 1984. Since its conception, more than 10,000 passports have been granted to economic citizens who benefit from visa free access to 147 countries including India, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Schengen nations. 

Investors can choose to invest $200,000 in real estate or donate $150,000 in the governments sustainable growth fund. 

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