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Austrian citizenship offers the opportunity to settle in an extraordinary alpine destination with a prime geographic location for business and lifestyle opportunities. A flourishing destination for entrepreneurs, investors and educated professionals, the nation’s robust economic infrastructure coupled with a dynamic and pragmatic culture means that the Austrian visa is highly sought after. 

Residence by Investment 

A successful application through the ‘Residence for Person of Independent Means’ or ‘Company Setup’ programme opens the doors for an applicant to reside in Austria and travel across the Schengen area without the need for visas. 

Initially granted for a year, the residency permit can be easily renewed before expiry. Following 10 years of residency, Austrian citizenship can be applied for. 

An applicant must be able to support themselves with liquid funds and this is defined by the Austrian Migration Authority with reference to the national pension benchmark. At present this is 25,000 euros for a single applicant and 36,000 euros for a married couple. 

Proof of German language skills at A1 level or above is also a pre-requisite to application and furthermore, the applicant must rent or purchase a property and this property must be suitable for the family applying. 

Please note that applicants do not receive a work permit under this programme and must rely on their independent means to support their livelihood. 

Setting Up a Company 

Entrepreneurs looking to immigrate into Austria can live and work if they can prove that they have the ability to establish a viable business in the country. Applications are decided on a case by case basis so it is best to get in touch with one of our independent advisers for more information on your eligibility.

New applicants must invest at least 150,000 euros in their new venture however higher investment amounts correlate with greater chances of applicant success. 

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